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 Tending Osteidae: Serenades for Settling -V1 
 At Harvestworks, Governors Island, NYC 
September 1 - October 29, 2023 

Version 1 of our speculative oyster eco-system sensorium, Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling is up at Harvestworks Digital Media Center's exhibit "The Process - An Art Tech and Exhibition" on Governors Island in New York City. Please stop by for a visit!

The Process- An Art and Tech Exhibition
Harvestworks Building 10A, Nolan Park, Governors Island, NYC
Exhibition open until October 29, 2023
Fri-Sun 11AM-5PM

 TOSS @ Tide Taxi 2022 


photos by Marie Lorenz


photo by Marie Lorenz

This fall (2022) Marie Lorenz, creator of Tide Taxi, and I went on an adventure in, you guessed it, her Tide Taxi! 


With Marie's help I conducted a dawn listening session at the Billion Oyster Project's Bushwick site, and gathered more research material for my project with Stephanie Rothenberg, “Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling”.


Check out Marie's post on her blog Tide and Current Taxi.



Views from the Watershed  is a podcast tour about the past, present, and future of NYC’s water supply in the Catskills region. It tells the story of the complicated relationship between the Catskills and New York City that is forged by water infrastructure. It will lead you to resonant places in the watershed where its stories can be told, through firsthand, intimate perspectives from local people on what it means to be a part of the water system. Conceived by counter-cartographer Lize Mogel featuring sound design by Suzanne Thorpe.

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