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TECHNE is a national arts education organization whose mission is to build inclusivity and close the gender gap within creative technology fields. We aim to give rise to distinct and divergent voices by creating environments for exploration, risk taking and creative expression.

Our primary programs introduce young women and girls to technology-focused art making, in context with musical improvisation, contemplative practice and social justice education. We believe that immersion in this combination of activities creates a paradigm that activates student's self and shared learning abilities, and encourages multiple modes of knowledge expression.  

As part of our effort to embed social justice principles and community building in our work, TECHNE delivers its programming through partnerships with local, grassroots arts organizations that share an aligned commitment to racial and gender equity.

Techne was founded in 2010 by Suzanne Thorpe and Bonnie Jones, educators and musicians active in electronic music communities in the US and abroad. For more information visit our website here.

Check out this video of our newest workshop The Flashlight Orchestra at the Santa Barbara Girls Rock Sleepaway Camp:

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